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Top 10 Facebook mistakes to avoid

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Although creating a Facebook page may seem simple at first, you may find yourself struggling to navigate your way around the site to realise its full potential. To maximise the effectiveness of your page, here are the top 10 mistakes you need to avoid when setting up your business on Facebook.

1.Creating a Facebook profile instead of a page: Facebook pages are better suited to businesses as you can fill in an ‘About’ description, add call-to- action buttons and invite clients to ‘like’ your page.

2. Sticking to the “best” times to post: Every business has its own audience profile so the "best" time to post will vary. Experiment with times and keep track of your insights to see what works best for you.

3. Only choosing to post photos to your page: Highlight your brand’s personality with short clips, GIFs or even Facebook stories. Experiment to see what works best for you and your audience.

4. Neglecting consumer engagement on your feed: Your customers are the heart of your business! Make sure to allocate time each day to respond to engagement on your feed.

5. Posting photos of any size: Resize your images to fit Facebook's recommended dimensions - otherwise they will come out unprofessionally pixelated or cluttered.

6. Posting too little (or too often!): Be selective with what you publish. Businesses that produce a smaller number of high-quality posts tend to perform better than quickly- crafted, daily posts.

7. Making your posts too long: Although this differs business to business, try to stick to shorter captions. Users enjoy the ease of quickly scrolling through social media so they're unlikely to read through long captions.

8. Disregarding negativity on your page: “Ignore the haters” they say, but sometimes it’s good to acknowledge them too. Use this as an opportunity to respond respectfully, showing that you value your customer satisfaction.

9. Forgetting to utilise Facebook Advertising: Use Facebook Advertising to promote your content! Target similar audiences, boost your posts and set up campaigns to build likes.

10. Using clickbait on your page: Never over-promise. Instead of click-baiting your audience, use eye-catching visuals to deliver clear information as a trustworthy business.


For more help with the set up and management of your social media accounts, drop us a message.

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