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Why schedule social media content?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

When people talk about 'scheduling their social media', they're referring to the process of creating content in advance and posting it at a later date. This is usually done by using a social media management tool like Loomly, Hootsuite or Buffer. The idea behind scheduling your social media is to give yourself some breathing room so that you're not always having to come up with fresh content on the spot. You might be surprised at how much time this can save you and how many more posts you'll be able to create overall!

If you need convincing, here are a few other reasons why you should schedule your social media:

1. Consistency: By scheduling your social media content, you ensure that your followers will see regular updates from you. This consistency helps build trust and engagement, and keeps your brand top-of-mind for your audience.

2. Time savings: Planning and scheduling social media content in advance can save you time in the long run. Instead of constantly having to come up with new ideas and post them in real-time, you can set aside time to create and schedule content in batches.

3. Reach: Scheduling social media content allows you to reach your audience at the optimal time. By analysing your social media analytics, you can determine the times when your audience is most active and schedule your posts to go out during those times.

4. More efficient use of resources: By scheduling your social media content, you can optimise the use of resources such as time, staff, and budgets. You can also ensure that your content is being posted across multiple channels, without having to constantly monitor each platform.

5. Flexibility: Scheduling social media content allows you to be flexible with your posting schedule. If something comes up unexpectedly, you can easily move or reschedule your posts without having to miss a day or disrupt your overall social media strategy.

Overall, scheduling social media content is an effective way to save time, increase engagement, and optimise your resources while still reaching your audience at the right time. 


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