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Getting back to work soon?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

We have all been affected by the coronavirus restrictions, but as businesses begin to prepare for the next phase, which may include the easing of lockdown and welcoming customers back, communication becomes more important than ever before.

A key message that I have been sharing with my customers throughout the pandemic has been STAY CONNECTED. That might mean keeping your website up to date with current news and operating practices during lockdown, or regular social media posts, reaching out to your customers and prospective customers.  It might even mean calling customers on the good old-fashioned phone to check they're doing ok and staying safe. Whatever works best for your business.

But now is the time to get some real strategy behind your communications. Be clear about what you will be offering, how you will be operating and when (obviously subject to change as the lockdown rules are constantly under review). Give your customers options to get in touch with you and ask questions they may have.  It will help build relationships and give them confidence in you and your business.

STAY CONNECTED and keep the conversation coming. The customers will come back.

If you and your business would like some advice and guidance or support with marketing and communications during this difficult time, KopyKat Marketing & Communications would love to help!

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