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  • Brendan Evans

The Apprenticeship Diaries - Month 1

I have just completed my first month here at KopyKat and I am learning what it really means to be a digital marketer.

Creating graphics isn’t just an easy job whereby you’re able to throw random images together and call it a social media post. You must think a lot about each client’s audience and their aims. Before learning this, I would create graphics without much thought, I wouldn’t go through the process of thinking “which product is this?” or “who are they talking to?” These are simple questions that can affect the interaction of a post massively. Another important skill I have learnt is how news stories can relate to our clients. Understanding this allows me to learn more about our clients, have a better connection with them, and be able to help find interesting stories that can relate to their businesses.

When I started at KopyKat my views of what the role would include were completely different to what they are now. When I first started, I wouldn’t have thought that traditional marketing would be a part of this role. I had in my mind that it would all be online marketing for social media and websites. However, I have seen and helped create content that wouldn’t be used for social media and would be used in a more traditional way such as magazine adds.

In my short time working here, I have already discovered the parts of the job that I enjoy most. For example, when arriving in the mornings I am most exited to check the different posts that I will have to plan out and create that day. I enjoy this part the most because of the feeling you get when you see that post go out and see the interaction the client gets. This feeling is what fuels ideas for other posts you will need to plan for the next day.

I still have loads of time here and still so many other things I need and want to learn. However, I have already started to think about what I am looking forward to learning the most! I am looking forward to learning all about email marketing. I want to be able to put together a whole email campaign from the copy to the graphics and even the links attached. The excitement I had from the first day is still here and I can’t wait to learn new skills I can implement in my work.


Over the next 18 months, I will be sharing my experiences here in the "Apprenticeship Diaries", so please check back soon to see my progress!

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