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How to put the Halloween spirit into your marketing

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

It’s spooky season, the shops are lined with pumpkin shaped memorabilia, and Hocus Pocus 2 is breaking Disney’s record for ‘most streamed movie’. Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you’ll be out knocking down doors for sweets or staying inside with your lights off and curtains closed, this holiday is getting bigger and bigger every year and there’s no avoiding it!

So, how can you embrace Halloween and turn it into an opportunity for you and your business? Here are just some of the easy ways you can get into the spirit (do you see what we did there?)

Create Halloween themed content

Rolling with the trends is sometimes the best way to get your content noticed! Creating content that is themed to the current season or holiday will give your audience something to relate to; the content they see from you aligns with their psyche.

You could create a Halloween reel for Instagram, send out a themed email, or you could find a way to get the holiday into a relevant blog post for your website (cough cough).


McDonalds is great at this! They do a graphic for nearly every season or holiday. Here’s their Halloween one.

Themed Ads

Make sure you’re using your newly created Halloween content to its full potential. Once you have got some themed content created, it might be a good idea to use that as a sponsored post or ad. This is a good way to catch the attention of new customers or clients.

Change up your visuals

Why not adapt some of your regular marketing and add in some new visual elements? Just changing up the colours or adding a visual element like a pumpkin or ghost can be a fun way to engage with your audience over this holiday!

We will be changing up our email footers over the next few weeks, and you can link to any themed content you have created! You could also alter your website landing page to give it a theme, or maybe it’s as simple as putting a witch’s hat on your logo in your profile pictures (like google do on theirs)


Google add elements to their logo a lot, but their holiday additions are a regular! Here’s last year’s Halloween logo.

Trick or treat?

Why not give people a treat? No tricks please! If you have something to give away this season, why not offer your loyal customers or clients a Halloween treat?

It could be a giveaway to encourage engagement, a discount code or you could offer your audience a free product or service in return for something, a social interaction or buy one get ‘x’ free!

Have fun with filters

There are loads of Halloween filters that you and your brand could use. Filters are a fun way to show your personality to your audience. Someone else has created themed content by creating a Halloween filter, so use it. Or you can create your own! There are apps and websites where you can design your own filter if you are feeling creative.

Hold an event

Have a bit of fun around the holiday! Put on an event, whether it’s a Halloween cake sale, an apple bobbing competition or a full-blown fancy-dress party, events can be a great way to get both your customers and your employees engaged!

Events are great content opportunities too! Take a load of pictures to post on your website and social media, write up a blog afterwards or even put together a press release about the event. Make the most of your effort by creating as much content from your activity as possible.

Get your audience involved

How about encouraging user-generated content? Halloween is a really great opportunity to get your audience interacting with you. They are already in fancy dress and carving pumpkins, so why not run a Halloween photo competition? Or, if you’re selling a Halloween-specific product, ask them to share a picture or video of them using that!

User-generated content is a brilliant tool to kill two birds with one stone, as it gets your current audience engaged while also giving positive feedback and presenting like a review for your prospective audience to see!

These were Zoe’s from last year! People love sharing pics of their hard work – make them share it with you.

Get your timing right

Halloween is only in a few weeks, so you haven’t got long! Make the most of the short amount of time and use the next few weeks wisely. Plan in your content (using a scheduling tool helps) and spread it over the weeks.

Why not get creative and try some of these ideas before Halloween comes? Make sure you tag us in anything you create - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

If you'd like some help or need some ideas, we're here. Get in touch!

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