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Content Ideas for October

When you’re scratching your head for content, awareness days can be a great way to make sure you’re posting regularly. Use them as inspiration, tag official accounts that are linked to the day, and remember to use relevant hashtags!

Every month we share a list of dates for that month! Below, we’ve picked a few and given you some ideas for posts that you take and run with!

World Smile Day 😊

It could be as simple as sharing a picture of you smiling or post something that will make your followers smile. Spreading some positivity is never a bad way to start off the month!

Spreadsheet Day 📊

We all love a good spreadsheet, don’t we? No? Just us?

If you’re using spreadsheets in your day to day, share a screenshot (if your information isn’t sensitive), you could give your followers a top tip, or share your favourite Excel shortcut.

Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day 👋

We don’t normally like to incite any sort of workplace violence, but this is calling for a tiktok or a reel with fake slaps!

Halloween 🎃

There are all sorts of spooky content you could put together to get your audience engaged! Whether it’s theming your posts throughout October, Trick or Treat giveaways and discounts or dressing up on the day, there are a number of ways you can implement Halloween into your content.


Remember to tag us in your posts if you use these tips!

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